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Официальным ресурсом для пациентов с онихомикозами является проект Академии Грибок.РУ: все про грибок ногтей и грибковые заболевания человека

  Welcome to SCIO
  Welcome to this site, dear colleagues.
It is all about onychoindex SCIO. SCIO is a scoring clinical index for onychomycosis (fungal nail infection). We have designed SCIO to assess and score severity of the disease and also to plan treatment with predictable outcome.

While on this site, you may:
  •   Get some help to realise problems that lead to SCIO
  •   Learn about SCIO idea and composition
  •   Find the benefits that SCIO may give you
  •   Download free SCIO calculator or
  •   Calculate SCIO online

  •   and, finally, make your questions and get our answers.

We thank you for visiting our pages and wish you pleasant browsing.

Dr. Alexey Sergeev and SCIO development team.


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