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One of current problems of onychomycosis is that with numerous treatment modalities there is still no accredited therapeutic guideline. Dermatologist is left on his own only with recommendations from the manufacturers of antifungals.
For clinical assessment of onychomycosis clinicians still have some expanding classifications, few advises and much more controversies from different authors –- with no real utility for treatment. The absence of generally accepted standard for clinical evaluation, that may determe the treatment scheme, obscures the rational approach to trials comparing clinical effectiveness of antifungals in onychomycosis. With no standard approach to evaluation of onychomycosis severity there is still a chance of comparing cases with different severity. With no treatment guidelines based on clinical assessment there is still a chance for administering a known systemic treatment in a case where this regimen is inadequate and for comparing the efficacy in such cases. Treatment of onychomycosis still meets frequent failures. And we still don't know how effective are modern treatments, really.
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