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  SCIO as treatment guideline
  Benefit of SCIO as treatment guideline is that it not only shows neccessary approach, but also indicates treatment duration:

SCIO range Treatment approach
1-3  Topical treatment: remove (cut or scrape off) affected marginal parts of the nail; use topical antifungals until healthy nail regrowth
3-6  Topical treatment with lower success, which often depends on growth rate. Systemic therapy recommended in slower-growing nails (Always systemic therapy when this range of SCIO covers PSO).
6-9  Systemic therapy. Use scheme proposed for fingernails (E.g. terbinafine 6 wks or 2 pulses of itraconazole).
9-12  Systemic therapy. Use scheme proposed for toenails (E.g. terbinafine 12 wks or 3 pulses of itraconazole).
12-16  Systemic therapy. Use scheme of extended duration (E.g. terbinafine 16-18 wks or 4-5 pulses of itraconazole). Success of systemic therapy alone decreases with this SCIO range.
16-20  Combination therapy (systemic+topical). Adequate keratolytic treatment or nail avulsion recommended. Add topical antifungals to cover all parts of the nail.
20-30  Nail avulsion. Consider removal of nail plate, e.g. with urea paste. Administer systemic therapy then.
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